Two modules and a few links related to Perl and Internet mail:

Mail::Sendmail : A simple module to send mail.

Mail::Eudora : A module to manipulate Eudora mailbox files (*.mbx files)

Other places and mailers : Links to other mail modules or sites related to Perl and mail.


Mail::Sendmail is a simple platform independent mailer and is available from this overview page which also links to the full documentation, or directly from CPAN.

The latest development version source files are available here. This is usually a not very well tested version. The documentation (possibly not completely up to date) is also here.

There is also a FAQ for Mail::Sendmail


Unfortunately, Qualcomm doesn't want to release the spec. for their .toc index files. So what I have done so far is very limited, and helps only to manipulate the message files (.mbx). If they are changed, status (read/unread etc...) and label information is lost. You can get it in standard tar.gz form or zipped.

Other places and mailers

(Unfortunately, I have not updated this section for years, but here it is anyway...).

There are of course lots of Mail related modules and scripts. Mail on windows NT and 95, in Robin's Perl for win32 pages has links to several command-line mail programs, as well as to various Perl mailing scripts. That's where I found the script by Christian Mallwitz which got me started.

Graham Barr ( wrote many Mail related modules which are on CPAN. Look for MailTools, which contains Mail::Send and several other modules. To use Mail::Send on systems without sendmail, you have to install Net::SMTP (part of Barr's libnet bundle), and tell Mail::Send to use that. You can also use Net::SMTP directly. As of version 1.08, Mail::Send does weird things though (bad From: headers, displays Bcc: headers) which would need looking into.

Jan Krynicky ( wrote Mail::Sender, another object oriented module sending mail. It's available at This one handles attachments and/or multipart messages.

The HTTP:Request module from the libwww bundle accepts mailto: URL's, but still relies on /usr/bin/sendmail, so it's only for Unix

In short: if you need attachments get Mail::Sender. If you don't, get Mail::Sendmail. If you're unsure you'll have to try them both to see which has the features you like/need most. If you want your own custom module, subclass Net::SMTP.

For command-line mail programs for Win32, there is:


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