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"In trying to make programming predictable, computer scientists have mostly succeeded in making it boring"
-- Larry Wall, interview in The Perl Journal, vol. 1 issue 1.

I like Perl ...

and play with it instead of doing the real work I should...

- What is Perl?
- It's a scripting/programming language, and it differs from others in that (among other things) it's fun. Visit any or all of these to find out more: The Perl language home page, The Perl Institute, The Perl Journal, Activestate, or any site on the perl ring, or read an interview of it's author.

Here, you will find:

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Randal said it would be tough to do in sed.  He didn't say he didn't
understand sed.  Randal understands sed quite well.  Which is why he
uses Perl.   :-)  -- Larry Wall in <7874@jpl-devvax.JPL.NASA.GOV>

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